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Comment for Appendix MS to Part 1024 - Mortgage Servicing Model Forms and Clauses

1. In general. This appendix contains model forms and clauses for mortgage servicing disclosures required by §§ 1024.33, 37, and 39. Each of the model forms is designated for uses in a particular set of circumstances as indicated by the title of that model form or clause. Although use of the model forms and clauses is not required, servicers using them appropriately will be in compliance with disclosure requirements of §§ 1024.33, 37, and 39. To use the forms appropriately, information required by regulation must be set forth in the disclosures.

2. Permissible changes. Servicers may make certain changes to the format or content of the forms and clauses and may delete any disclosures that are inapplicable without losing the protection from liability so long as those changes do not affect the substance, clarity, or meaningful sequence of the forms and clauses. Servicers making revisions to that effect will lose their protection from civil liability. Except as otherwise specifically required, acceptable changes include, for example:

i. Use of “borrower” and “servicer” instead of pronouns.

ii. Substitution of the words “lender” and “servicer” for each other.

iii. Addition of graphics or icons, such as the servicer's corporate logo.

iv. Modifications to remove language that could suggest liability under the mortgage loan agreement if such language is not applicable. For example, in the case of a confirmed successor in interest who has not assumed the mortgage loan obligation under State law and is not otherwise liable on the mortgage loan obligation, this could include:

A. Use of “the mortgage loan” or “this mortgage loan” instead of “your mortgage loan” and “the monthly payments” instead of “your monthly payments.”

B. Use of “Payments due on or after [Date] may be sent to” instead of “Send all payments due on or after [Date] to” in notices of transfer.

C. Use of “We will charge the loan account” instead of “You must pay us” in notices relating to force-placed insurance.