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Comment for 1024.33 - Mortgage Servicing Transfers

33(a) Servicing disclosure statement.

1. Terminology. Although the servicing disclosure statement must be clear and conspicuous pursuant to § 1024.32(a), § 1024.33(a) does not set forth any specific rules for the format of the statement, and the specific language of the servicing disclosure statement in appendix MS-1 is not required to be used. The model format may be supplemented with additional information that clarifies or enhances the model language.

2. Delivery to co-applicants. If co-applicants indicate the same address on their application, one copy delivered to that address is sufficient. If different addresses are shown by co-applicants on the application, a copy must be delivered to each of the co-applicants.

3. Lender servicing. If the lender, mortgage broker who anticipates using table funding, or dealer in a first lien dealer loan knows at the time of making the disclosure whether it will service the mortgage loan for which the applicant has applied, the disclosure must, as applicable, state that such entity will service such loan and does not intend to sell, transfer, or assign the servicing of the loan, or that such entity intends to assign, sell, or transfer servicing of such mortgage loan before the first payment is due. In all other instances, a disclosure that states that the servicing of the loan may be assigned, sold, or transferred while the loan is outstanding complies with § 1024.33(a).

33(b) Notices of transfer of loan servicing.

Paragraph 33(b)(3).

1. Delivery. A servicer mailing the notice of transfer must deliver the notice to the mailing address (or addresses) listed by the borrower in the mortgage loan documents, unless the borrower has notified the servicer of a new address (or addresses) pursuant to the servicer's requirements for receiving a notice of a change of address.

33(c) Borrower payments during transfer of servicing.

33(c)(1) Payments not considered late.

1. Late fees prohibited. The prohibition in § 1024.33(c)(1) on treating a payment as late for any purpose would prohibit a late fee from being imposed on the borrower with respect to any payment on the mortgage loan. See RESPA section 6(d) (12 U.S.C. 2605(d)).

2. Compliance with § 1024.39. A transferee servicer's compliance with § 1024.39 during the 60-day period beginning on the effective date of a servicing transfer does not constitute treating a payment as late for purposes of § 1024.33(c)(1).