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Comment for Appendix A - Model Forms

1. Permissible changes. Although use of the model forms is not required, lessors using them properly will be deemed to be in compliance with the regulation. Generally, lessors may make certain changes in the format or content of the forms and may delete any disclosures that are inapplicable to a transaction without losing the Act's protection from liability. For example, the model form based on monthly periodic payments may be modified for single-payment lease transactions or for quarterly or other regular or irregular periodic payments. The model form may also be modified to reflect that a transaction is an extension. The content, format, and headings for the segregated disclosures must be substantially similar to those contained in the model forms; therefore, any changes should be minimal. The changes to the model forms should not be so extensive as to affect the substance and the clarity of the disclosures.

2. Examples of acceptable changes.

i. Using the first person, instead of the second person, in referring to the lessee.

ii. Using “lessee,” “lessor,” or names instead of pronouns.

iii. Rearranging the sequence of the nonsegregated disclosures.

iv. Incorporating certain state “plain English” requirements.

v. Deleting or blocking out inapplicable disclosures, filling in “N/A” (not applicable) or “0,” crossing out, leaving blanks, checking a box for applicable items, or circling applicable items (this should facilitate use of multipurpose standard forms).

vi. Adding language or symbols to indicate estimates.

vii. Adding numeric or alphabetic designations.

viii. Rearranging the disclosures into vertical columns, except for § 1013.4(b) through (e) disclosures.

ix. Using icons and other graphics.

3. Model closed-end or net vehicle lease disclosure. Model A-2 is designed for a closed-end or net vehicle lease. Under the “Early Termination and Default” provision a reference to the lessee's right to an independent appraisal of the leased vehicle under § 1013.4(l) is included for those closed-end leases in which the lessee's liability at early termination is based on the vehicle's realized value.

4. Model furniture lease disclosures. Model A-3 is a closed-end lease disclosure statement designed for a typical furniture lease. It does not include a disclosure of the appraisal right at early termination required under § 1013.4(l) because few closed-end furniture leases base the lessee's liability at early termination on the realized value of the leased property. The disclosure should be added if it is applicable.