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§ 1012.215 Notice of proceedings subsequent to effective date.

This version is the current regulation

A proceeding pursuant to § 1010.45(b)(1) of this chapter is commenced by issuance and service of a notice which shall contain:

(a) A clear and accurate identification of the filing or filings to which the notice relates.

(b) A clear and concise statement of material facts, sufficient to inform the respondent with reasonable definiteness of the statements, omissions, conduct, circumstances or practices alleged to constitute the grounds for the proposed suspension order under § 1010.45(b)(1) of this chapter.

(c) A notice of hearing rights of the developer under § 1012.220 and of the procedures for invoking those rights.

(d) Designation of the administrative law judge appointed to preside over pre-hearing procedures and over the hearings.

(e) A notice that failure to file an answer conforming to the requirements of § 1081.201(b) and (c) will result in an order suspending the Statement of Record.