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§ 1012.205 Suspension notice prior to effective date.

This version is the current regulation

A suspension pursuant to § 1010.45(a) of this chapter shall be effected by service of a suspension notice which shall contain:

(a) An identification of the filing to which the notice applies.

(b) A specification of the deficiencies of form, disclosure, accuracy, documentation or fee tender which constitute the grounds under § 1010.45(a) of this chapter, of the suspension, and of the additional or corrective procedure, information, documentation, or tender which will satisfy the Director's requirements.

(c) A notice of the hearing rights of the developer under § 1012.210 and of the procedures for invoking those rights.

(d) A notice that, unless otherwise ordered, the suspension shall remain in effect until 30 days after the developer cures the specified deficiencies as required by the notice.