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§ 1010.1 Definitions.

(a) Statutory terms. All terms are used in accordance with their statutory meaning in 15 U.S.C. 1701, unless otherwise defined in paragraph (b) of this section or elsewhere in this part.

(b) Other terms. As used in this part:

Act means the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act, 15 U.S.C. 1701.

Advisory opinion means the formal written opinion of the Director as to jurisdiction in a particular case or the applicability of an exemption under §§ 1010.5 through 1010.15, based on facts submitted to the Director.

Available for use means that in addition to being constructed, the subject facility is fully operative and supplied with any materials and staff necessary for its intended purpose.

Beneficial property restrictions means restrictions that are enforceable by the lot owners and are designed to control the use of the lot and to preserve or enhance the environment and the aesthetic and economic value of the subdivision.

Date of filing means the date a Statement of Record, amendment, or consolidation, accompanied by the applicable fee, is received by the Director.

Good faith estimate means an estimate based on documentary evidence. In the case of cost estimates, the documentation may be obtained from the suppliers of the services. In the case of estimates of completion dates, the documentation may be actual contracts let, engineering schedules, or other evidence of commitments to complete the amenities.

ILSRP means the Interstate Land Sales Registration Program.

Lot means any portion, piece, division, unit, or undivided interest in land located in any state or foreign country, if the interest includes the right to the exclusive use of a specific portion of the land.

Owner means the person or entity who holds the fee title to the land and has the power to convey that title to others.

Parent corporation means that entity which ultimately controls the subsidiary, even though the control may arise through any series or chain of other subsidiaries or entities.

Principal means any person or entity holding at least a 10 percent financial or ownership interest in the developer or owner, directly or through any series or chain of subsidiaries or other entities.

Rules means all rules adopted pursuant to the Act, including the general requirements published in this part.

Sale means any obligation or arrangement for consideration to purchase or lease a lot directly or indirectly. The terms “sale” or “seller” include in their meanings the terms “lease” and “lessor”.

Senior Executive Officer means the individual of highest rank responsible for the day-to-day operations of the developer and who has the authority to bind or commit the developing entity to contractual obligations.

Site means a group of contiguous lots, whether such lots are actually divided or proposed to be divided. Lots are considered to be contiguous even though contiguity may be interrupted by a road, park, small body of water, recreational facility, or any similar object.

Start of construction means breaking ground for building a facility, followed by diligent action to complete the facility.