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Your Money, Your Goals toolkit

The toolkit has information that helps you have money conversations with the people you serve. Use the tools to help achieve goals and work through challenges.

You can use the toolkit to help people:

  • Make spending decisions that can help them reach their goals

  • Order and fix credit reports

  • Make decisions about repaying debts and taking on new debt

  • Keep track of their income and bills

  • And much more!

Your Money Your Goals Toolkit Illustration

Access the full toolkit

The toolkit includes: 

  • 43 tools and handouts

  • Easy-to-follow directions so you can use tools confidently

  • Recommendations on which tools to use based on the situation and time available

Order a printed copy

Printed copies of the toolkit are available free of cost in English (Updated Sept. 2018) and Spanish (Updated Dec. 2016).

Download the toolkit

English (Updated Sept. 2018) 

Spanish (Updated Dec. 2016) 

Chinese (Updated Dec. 2016) 

Access training resources

Train staff or volunteers to use the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit and measure the results of your trainings.

Download individual tools and handouts

The 43 tools and handouts from the full toolkit are now available as individual, fillable pdfs. Find resources below to help meet the needs of each person you're working with. 

Starting the Money Conversation



Financial empowerment self-assessment

My money picture

Setting Goals



Setting SMART goals

Putting goals into action

Planning for life events and large purchases

Revising goals




Savings plan

Saving and asset limits

Finding a place for savings

Saving at tax time

Tracking Income and Benefits



Income and benefits tracker

Choosing how to get paid

Increasing income and benefits

Paying Bills



Spending tracker

Bill calendar

Choosing how to pay bills

Cutting expenses

Prioritizing bills

Getting through the Month



Creating a cash flow budget

Improving cash flow

Adjusting your cash flow

Dealing with Debt



Debt log

Debt-to-income calculator

Debt action plan

Comparing auto loans

Repaying student loans

When debt collectors call

Avoiding medical debt

Understanding Credit Reports and Scores



Requesting your free credit reports

Reviewing your credit reports

Disputing errors on your credit reports

Getting and keeping a good credit history

Choosing Financial Products and Services



Finding financial products and services

Comparing financial service providers

Opening a checking or savings account

Avoiding checking account fees

Evaluating your prepaid or payroll card

Knowing your prepaid card rights

Sending money abroad

Protecting your Money



Protecting your identity

How to handle identity theft

Spotting red flags

Submit a complaint