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Your Money, Your Goals toolkit

The toolkit has information that helps you have the money conversation with the people you serve. Use the tools to help achieve goals and work through challenges.

You can use the toolkit to help people:

  • Make spending decisions that can help them reach their goals

  • Order and fix credit reports

  • Make decisions about repaying debts and taking on new debt

  • Keep track of their income and bills

  • And much more!

About the toolkit

The toolkit gives you the resources you need to help people set goals, choose financial products, and build skills in managing money, credit, and debt. It is designed so you can pick the tool or tools that meet the needs of each person you’re working with.

You can use the toolkit to help people take the first steps to:

  • Set goals and calculate how much money they need to save to reach these goals

  • Plan for large purchases and life events

  • Establish an emergency savings fund

  • Track the specific ways they are using their money

  • Bring their cash flow budgets into balance

  • Make a simple plan to pay down debt

  • Get, review, and fix errors on their credit reports

  • Choose financial products and services that are right for them

  • Recognize when their consumer rights may have been violated and how to take action

What’s included

  • 40 tools

  • Easy-to-follow directions so you can use tools confidently

  • Recommendations on which tools to use based on the situation and time available