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CFPB v. Hydra Group

In August 2018, the CFPB entered into a Stipulated Final Judgment and Order with all but one of the Hydra Group defendants.

The Court entered a judgment against the Hydra Group defendants in the amount of $69,623,528 to provide redress to affected consumers. The lawsuit names Richard Moseley, Sr., Richard Moseley, Jr., and 20 interrelated corporate entities controlled by them (collectively under the name Hydra Group).

Here are all 23 defendants:

Richard F. Moseley, Sr. (“Moseley, Sr.”)

Richard F. Moseley, Jr. (“Moseley, Jr.”)

Christopher J. Randazzo

SSM Group, LLC

CMG Group, LLC

DJR Group, LLC

BCD Group, LLC

Hydra Financial Limited Fund I

Hydra Financial Limited Fund II

Hydra Financial Limited Fund III

Hydra Financial Limited Fund IV

Corvus Company LLC

PCMO Services, LLC

PCKS Services, LLC

Piggycash Online Holdings, LLC

CLS Services, Inc.

FSR Services, Inc.

SJ Partners, LLC

River Elk Services, LLC

OSL Marketing, Inc. a/k/a OSL Group, Inc.

Rocky Oak Services, LLC

RM Partners, LLC

PDC Ventures, LLC

Victim compensation

The CFPB contracted with Epiq Systems, Inc. to administer payments for this case. This matter is now closed.

For more information on this closed case, contact us at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Attn: OCFO, Flagstar, 1700 G Street NW, Washington DC 20552.

Important dates

December 2020 – September 2023: Distribution

More information about the case

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