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CFPB v. Mark Corbett; CFPB v. Andrew Gamber, Voyager Financial Group, LLC, BAIC, Inc., SoBell Corp; CFPB v. Katharine Snyder, Performance Arbitrage Company, Inc., and Life Funding Options, Inc.; CFPB v. Candy Kern-Fuller, Howard Sutter III, and Upstate Law Group LLC

The CFPB issued an order and obtained stipulated judgments against various defendants for violating Federal consumer financial protection laws. These defendants included:

  • Mark Corbett
  • Andrew Gamber and his companies Voyager Financial Group, LLC, BAIC, Inc., and SoBell Corp
  • Katharine Snyder and her companies Performance Arbitrage Company, Inc. and Life Funding Options, Inc.
  • Upstate Law Group LLC and attorneys Candy Kern-Fuller and Howard Sutter III.

The CFPB found that these people and companies broke the law by telling people they could sell their pension and disability payments, when in fact the transaction was a high-cost loan. Also, the loans were void because it is against the law to make an agreement where another person buys the right to a veteran’s pension or disability payments.

Checks will be mailed directly to eligible consumers. There is also a claims process in this matter. Consumers who believe they are eligible to submit a claim in this case can submit a claim on our website:

Victim compensation

The CFPB has contracted with Rust Consulting to administer payments for this case and answer consumers' questions. For questions related to this case, please:

Call Center Hours: 8:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m Eastern Monday - Friday except Holidays

  • Email:
  • Write: CFPB Veterans Lending Cases
    Third Party Administrator – 7107
    PO Box 63
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-0063
  • Visit:

Important dates

December 27th 2023 – Ongoing: Distribution

More information about the case

Read the court orders and press releases:

CFPB v. Mark Corbett

CFPB v. Andrew Gamber, et al.

CFPB v. Katharine Snyder, et al.

CFPB v. Candy Kern-Fuller, et al.