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Supervisory Highlights: Summer 2014

On May 21, 2018, the President signed a joint resolution passed by Congress disapproving the Bulletin titled “Indirect Auto Lending and Compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act” (Bulletin), which had provided guidance about the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and its implementing regulation, Regulation B. Consistent with the joint resolution, the Bulletin has no force or effect. The ECOA and Regulation B are unchanged and remain in force and effect.
The materials relating to the Bulletin on the Bureau’s website are for reference only.

We’re committed to a consumer financial marketplace that is fair, transparent, competitive, and that works for all consumers. One of the tools we use to help meet this goal is to supervise companies offering financial products and services. Periodically, we publish Supervisory Highlights to share general information about the findings of our examinations without identifying specific companies (except for enforcement actions already made public).

In this issue of Supervisory Highlights, we describe the Bureau’s fair lending supervisory activity in the indirect automobile lending market so that industry participants can use the information to ensure that their operations remain in compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Regulation B. This edition also includes information about our recent non-public supervisory actions.

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Supervisory Highlights