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We will retire HMDA Explorer and its API

Our tool for exploring HMDA data—and the Public Data Platform API that powers it—will be shut down in the coming months. We will post additional details as they become available.

The 2018 HMDA data include a number of new data points and, as a result, are not compatible with the multi-year functionality provided by the Public Data Platform.  

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) will publish a query tool for the 2018 data in the coming months, which will be available at  After the new query tool becomes available, the Bureau will retire the current HMDA Explorer tool and the Public Data Platform API  that powers it.  

Loan-level HMDA data and aggregate and disclosure reports will remain available at for data collected in or after 2017.  Additionally, the Bureau will continue to offer loan-level data for 2007 to 2017, along with compliance materials and research reports about HMDA data.

Planned outages

Prior to sunset, HMDA Explorer and the API will have temporary outages.

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