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Terms of credit card plans (TCCP) survey

We semiannually survey the terms of credit card plans offered by financial institutions and publish reports of the findings—a collection commonly referred to as the TCCP Survey.

The largest credit card issuers in the country are required to participate in the survey, and we select other financial institutions to participate as well. Issuers selected for the TCCP Survey can now use Collect, the Bureau’s new online channel for TCCP submissions.

On August 20, 2021, the Bureau issued new technical specifications for complying with credit card agreement and data submission requirements under TILA and the CARD Act (Regulation Z). Credit card issuers will use the Bureau’s Collect website to submit its TCCP survey data to the Bureau for the February 14, 2022 submission deadline. You can view the technical specifications here.

Two ways to submit a response for the August 13, 2021 submission deadline:

1. Submit online using Collect

Collect is the Bureau’s online channel for financial institutions to respond to the TCCP Survey. Collect contains all necessary instructions for its use. We have also provided additional resources to help familiarize yourself with Collect.

Webinar: using Collect to submit a TCCP Survey

2. Submit manually using Form 2572

TCCP Survey data

The Bureau maintains historical data from the semiannual TCCP Survey, available from 1990.

Review the data