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Terms of Credit Card Plans (TCCP) survey

Every six months, the CFPB collects and makes public pricing and availability data on credit cards from over 150 issuers to promote competition and transparency in the credit card market.

Data downloads and resources

Data on terms of credit card plans was first collected in 1990 as part of the The Fair Credit and Charge Card Disclosure Act of 1988. In 2023, the CFPB enhanced the TCCP survey to collect more details on the types of credit card plans issuers offer.

Current data and data dictionary

The CFPB releases updated TCCP data twice a year along with an updated data dictionary.

Historical data and resources

The CFPB maintains historical data from the semiannual TCCP Survey, available from 1990.

Resources for issuers

Collect is the Bureau’s online channel for financial institutions to respond to the TCCP Survey. Collect contains all necessary instructions for its use. We have also provided additional resources to help familiarize yourself with Collect.


The CFPB provides a list of commonly asked questions and answers on particular topics to assist survey respondents in submitting their survey to the Bureau. Browse all FAQ topics.