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Teenagers and protecting

Talking with your child about money can go smoother if you keep the conversation age appropriate. The conversation starters and activities here can help you find the words.

Conversations about protecting

“Your health and your property need protection, and most people buy insurance to avoid high costs when something goes wrong.”

  • Remind your teen to comparison shop for insurance like he would for any other product.
  • Your teen may be able to stay on your health insurance, if you have it—with some exceptions, he is entitled to, by law, until he turns 26.
  • Discuss disability insurance, which can help provide income if your child can’t work because of an injury or disability.
  • If your child rents an apartment, help him comparison shop for renter’s insurance and talk about whether or not it’s worthwhile.
  • If your child owns, leases, or rents a car, help him comparison shop for auto insurance.