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Booklets to help talk about money

These colorful, compact booklets can help you talk with people about money topics that are important to them. Each booklet includes a selection of simplified tools from the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit—all focused on a common financial stressor.

Four booklets for different situations

Behind on bills? Start with one step.

  • Create an action plan
  • Track and manage income and spending
  • Prioritize bills and expenses
  • Understand rights and responsibilities when contacted by debt collectors

Debt getting in your way? Get a handle on it.

  • Get a full picture of existing debt
  • Order a credit report
  • Prioritize debts and set repayment goals
  • Plan how to avoid additional debt

Want credit to work for you? Start with these steps.

  • Order and review credit reports, dispute any errors that are found
  • Plan how to establish or build credit
  • Respond to identity theft

Building your savings? Start with small goals.

  • Prioritize and set savings goals
  • Prepare for unexpected expenses
  • Find a place for savings
  • Make the most of a tax refund

Getting started with the booklets

  1. Order free booklets and we'll mail them to you.
  2. Make copies of the tools before using the booklet with someone. The tools fold out to a letter-sized black-and-white page to make photocopying easy and convenient. That way, you can write on the copies and then keep them once you're done.
  3. Download the professional print files to have more copies printed at your local print shop.  You can print the booklets as they are or add your own logo. Access the print files.