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Get the word out to patrons

When you communicate with patrons in your library and in your community, be sure to let them know about Money as You Grow Bookshelf. The materials and ideas here can help.

Showcasing Money as You Grow Bookshelf

There are many ways you can show off your library's involvement in Money as You Grow Bookshelf.

When patrons are at the library 

Order free posters that you can display throughout the library, wherever parents and caregivers will see them.

Order free bookmarks and hand them out at the checkout, return, and/or information desks. 

Order free materials  

Before they come to the library

When you use your social media accounts, here are materials on Money as You Grow Bookshelf. 

Download images for social media

Include the program in your newsletters and in announcements to local newspapers and media. 

Get sample newsletter content

Place a banner on your website to the Money as You Grow Bookshelf page for parents.

Download online banners

Answer the parent question: How do I use Money as You Grow Bookshelf at home?

  • First, take a look at the books, check out the one you want to take home and read with your child. 
  • Then, pick up the matching parent guide. This is free for you to take home and keep. 
  • Take the book and discussion guide home and enjoy quiet reading time with your child. You and your child can do activities and discuss the key ideas in the book. 
  • Finally, return the book to the library, and check to see if you can find new books and parent guides. 
  • Share with the librarian and other parents anything you and your child learned or talked about.

Help parents find out more about how children develop, financially

If you are interested in the money skills that children are developing, take a look at more resources and research. This can help you talk to parents about the principles behind Money as You Grow Bookshelf.

Money as You Grow

This site is created for parents and caregivers of children of all ages. Here, find activities, conversation starters, and tips that can help families talk about money. 

Get started here

Building Blocks: Summary

Children develop three key building blocks that can add up to financial well-being in adulthood.

Read about the building blocks