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Serving economically vulnerable consumers

For many people, the loss of a job or an unexpected bill can be the tipping point into economic hardship. From managing debt to building a credit record, use our resources to help people who are economically vulnerable achieve their financial goals.

Tools and resources to use with people you serve

Getting and keeping good credit

Both getting—and keeping—a good credit record is key to improving an individual’s financial well-being. 

Building a credit record from scratch

Saving money

Saving money gives people financial stability and the ability to reach goals like buying a car or attending college.

Save like Mike

Managing debt

Managing debt is an important part of financial well-being, and like saving, gives people stability and control.

Debt getting in your way?

Managing money

From opening a bank account to making sure bills get paid, being able to manage money on a daily basis is key to financial well-being.

Learn more about checking accounts 

Behind on bills?

Tools and resources by topic

Resources organized by topic, including savings, credit reports and scores, debt collection, and money management.

Tools and resources by audience

Resources organized by audience, including young adults, people with disabilities, and Native communities. 

Resources for practitioners

Expanding access to credit

Roughly 45 million people don’t have a credit record that can be scored, making it hard for them to obtain things like credit cards or housing. 

Tracking success of your programs

Organizations can use this core set of outcomes to track success in financial empowerment and capability programs. 

Five principles for effective financial education

Providing effective financial education can help consumers achieve the ultimate goal of financial education: financial well-being.

Assessing financial well-being

Use the financial well-being scale to measure the extent to which someone’s financial situation and capability provides security and freedom of choice.