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LIBOR Index Transition

Resources to help industry understand, implement, and comply with regulatory requirements when transitioning from the LIBOR index, including the LIBOR Transition Rule in Regulation Z.

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On Dec. 7, 2021, the Bureau issued a final rule to facilitate the LIBOR transition. The Bureau released an Executive Summary and Unofficial Redline to summarize the changes made to Regulation Z by the final rule. The final rule also updated ARM Interest Rate Adjustment Notice sample forms for the LIBOR Transition.

In addition, the Bureau updated the LIBOR Transition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the final rule.


Browse the final rule to see amendments to Regulation Z facilitating the LIBOR Transition.

Regulations and official interpretations

Browse Regulation Z (12 CFR 1026) on: Interactive Bureau Regulations | eCFR

Main LIBOR Transition Rule provisions and official interpretations can be found in:

  • § 1026.9, Open-end plan change-in-terms notices
  • § 1026.20(a), Closed-end loan refinancing
  • § 1026.40, HELOC index substitution
  • § 1026.55, Credit Card index substitution
  • § 1026.59, Credit Card rate reevaluation
  • Appendix H to Part 1026, ARM Interest Rate Adjustment notices
  • Supplement I to Part 1026 (including official interpretations for the above provisions)

Quick references

Executive summaries

Executive summary of the LIBOR Transition Rule

Other references

Unofficial redline of the Libor Transition Rule

Fast Facts: LIBOR Transition proposed rule

Unofficial redline of the LIBOR Transition proposed rule


The Bureau provides a list of commonly asked questions and answers on particular topics to assist in understanding and complying with the LIBOR Transition Rule.

Browse all FAQ topics


Downloadable versions of the ARM Interest Rate Adjustment Notice sample forms.

Browse forms

Additional materials

Joint Agency Statement on Managing the LIBOR Transition, Oct 2021

ARRC Consumer Product Resources