How we use complaint data

Each week we send thousands of consumers’ complaints about financial products and services to companies for response. Data from those complaints help us understand the financial marketplace and protect consumers.

  • We forward each complaint to the appropriate company for a response.
  • We share complaint data with state and federal agencies. We also present a report to Congress twice each year.
  • We analyze complaint data to help with our work to supervise companies, enforce federal consumer financial laws, and write better rules and regulations.
  • We publish complaints in the Consumer Complaint Database (without personal information).

What we publish in the Consumer Complaint Database

Complaints must meet all of the publication criteria in our policy statement , narrative data policy statement , and narrative scrubbing standard .

1Data that we always share

Data type Description

2Data that we share with the consumer's consent

We share consumer complaint narratives only with consumers' consent. Consumer complaint narrative is the consumer-submitted description of "what happened" from the complaint. Consumers must opt-in to share their narrative. We will not publish the narrative unless the consumer consents, and consumers can opt-out at any time. The CFPB takes reasonable steps to scrub personal information from each complaint that could be used to identify the consumer.

3Data that stays private to the consumer and the company

All personal information, such as names, contact information, account numbers, social security numbers, and supporting documents help the company identify the consumer. This information is not published.

Reports created using the data