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Will paying off my credit card balance every month improve my credit score?

Paying off your credit card balance every month is one of the factors that can help you improve your scores.

Companies use several factors to calculate your credit scores. One factor they look at is how much credit you are using compared to how much you have available. In the case of a credit card, they look at the balance you owe compared to your available credit.

Consistently paying off your credit card on time every month is one step toward improving your credit scores. However, credit scores are calculated at different times, so if your score is calculated on a day you have a high balance, this could affect your score even if you pay off the balance in full the next day.

What are ways to get and keep good credit scores?

Following several guidelines can help you improve your credit scores and keep them strong:

  • Pay off your loans on time, every time
  • Don’t get close to your credit limit
  • Establish a long credit history of making payments on time
  • Apply only for the credit you need
  • Check your credit reports for errors or inaccuracies