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What can I do if I don’t receive my credit card bill?

There are some times when a credit card company is not required to send you a monthly statement. For example, a monthly statement does not have to be sent if your account is uncollectible, if a delinquency collection proceeding has begun (e.g., court case has been filed), if the card company has charged off the account and is not charging any more fees or interest on the account, or if sending the bill would violate federal law.

Otherwise, you should generally receive a statement for every billing cycle in which your account has a credit or charge of more than $1, or on which a finance charge has been imposed. Notify your credit card company that you did not receive your monthly statement. You should also file a written billing error notice with the card company. Find out from the card company where to send this notice. 

If you have set up online access to your account, you can also look at your statements online.