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What should I do if I didn’t receive my credit card bill?

In a few cases, a credit card company may not be required to send you a monthly bill or statement. However, if your account is active and you should have received your statement, contact the company.

A credit card company doesn’t have to send you a monthly statement if:

  • The account is considered uncollectible – There may be a number of circumstances where your account is uncollectable, including death, bankruptcy, failure to update your contact information, or the statute of limitations has expired for your debt.
  • A legal case is pending to collect on your delinquent payments – You may not receive a statement if you’ve been taken to court due to a failure to make your past payments.
  • The card company has charged off your account – In other words, a creditor doesn’t need to charge any further interest or fees on your credit card account.

Otherwise, if your account has a credit or charge of more than $1, you should generally receive a statement every billing cycle.

If you didn’t receive your monthly statement but should have, notify your credit card company. You should also file a written billing error notice with the card company, and the company can provide information on where to send this notice.

To ensure you don’t miss your payments, you can also look at your credit card statements online.

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