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Is the price for add-ons such as an extended warranty or Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance negotiable?

Yes, the price for add-ons is negotiable, just like interest rates and the length of the loan. 

When you go to an auto dealer, you may be offered add-on products and services for the auto or for the loan. It’s a good idea to think about these add-ons ahead of time, so that you have less to worry about at the dealership, and have your answers ready when you are asked to buy these extras. Common add-ons include:

Add-on products and services are optional. If you buy them the price is negotiable. If you finance them, you will increase your loan amount. If you think you want these one or more of these products or services, shop around. For example, your own auto insurance company may offer GAP, credit insurance, or other alternatives. Other lenders may also offer these loan add-ons, often for much less. If you finance add-ons as part of your loan, they will increase the amount you borrow and pay.