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I am a servicemember planning to buy a vehicle. If I get stationed overseas, will I be able to bring my new vehicle with me?

Many lenders will not let you move your vehicle overseas. Make sure before you sign the loan contract that your lender will allow the vehicle you intend to buy to be taken out of the country.

Get it in writing that the lender will allow you to move your vehicle overseas. Many do not, and the law does not require them to do so.  Only your lender can agree to this, unless your dealer is also your lender in what’s called a “buy here pay here” auto loan.  Remember, most shipping companies will require you to prove that your lender allows you to ship the vehicle overseas, so it’s important to get this in writing when you sign the contract. 

Also, get in writing that the warranty and any extended warranty will be valid if you need to have any repairs done outside the continental U.S. Many warranties are not valid overseas.