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Docket of the Office of Administrative Adjudication

The OAA docket includes all public documents filed in administrative proceedings before the Office of Administrative Adjudication. The docket does not include documents containing confidential information covered under a protective order or other order authorizing confidential treatment.

Types of proceedings in the OAA docket:

Administrative adjudication

The Bureau initiates an administrative adjudication proceeding by filing a notice of charges. Administrative adjudications are conducted by an administrative law judge, who holds formal hearings and issues a recommended decision.

Stipulation and consent order

Stipulations and consent orders consist of proceedings where the parties agree to settlement and file a stipulation and a consent order before the filing of a notice of charges.

Not all enforcement actions initiated by the Bureau are filed with the Office of Administrative Adjudication. The Enforcement docket includes proceedings not filed with the Office of Administrative Adjudication, such as federal district court cases.

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Freedom Mortgage Corporation

On August 17, 2023, the Bureau issued an order against Freedom Mortgage Corporation (Freedom), a residential mortgage loan originator and servicer headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.