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The Operations Division is the operational support arm of the Bureau.

Kate Fulton


Kate Fulton, Acting Chief Operating Officer

The chief operating officer provides the overall direction for the Operations Division. The Operations Division front office supports the COO and provides project management and internal communications support for the Bureau.

Division offices

Administrative Operations

Martin Michalosky, Chief Administrative Officer

The Office of Administrative Operations performs a wide range of functions related to the Bureau's infrastructure, information, and security.

Jeffrey Sumberg

Human Capital

Jeffrey Sumberg, Chief Human Capital Officer

The Office of Human Capital is responsible for human resources services, policies, and guidance for the Bureau. 

Technology and Innovation

Jerry Horton, Chief Information Officer

The Office of Technology and Innovation implements and maintains the Bureau’s technical assets. 

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Reilly, Chief Financial Officer

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the Bureau’s financial planning and management.

David Gragan


David Gragan, Chief Procurement Officer

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer oversees purchasing for the Bureau in compliance with federal procurement rules and regulations.