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Legal Division

The Legal Division provides the Bureau with legal advice about the work and operations of the agency.

Seth Frotman

Seth Frotman, General Counsel

The general counsel serves as the Bureau's chief legal officer and principal legal advisor to the director and Bureau's divisions and offices. The general counsel is the head of the Legal Division and oversees its four offices.

Division offices

General Law & Ethics

Sonya White, Deputy General Counsel

The Office of General Law and Ethics advises the Bureau on legal issues related to all areas of general and administrative law and represents the Bureau in administrative litigation in labor, employment, and procurement bid protests. The Ethics Office within GLE manages the Bureau’s government ethics program.

Rebecca Deutsch

Law & Policy

Rebecca Deutsch, Deputy General Counsel (Acting)

The Office of Law and Policy advises the Bureau on authorities and jurisdiction, the interpretation of federal consumer financial statutes and regulations, and matters of administrative law.

Litigation & Oversight

Steven Bressler, Deputy General Counsel (Acting)

The Office of Litigation and Oversight represents the Bureau in all defensive and appellate litigation and advises the Director and the Bureau components on issues presenting legal and other risks. The office also helps to manage the Bureau’s responses to oversight authorities.