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Consumer Education and Engagement Division

The Consumer Education and Engagement Division provides information for American consumers to consider in their financial decision making process.

The Division includes six program offices supported by a central front office: Consumer Engagement, Financial Education, Consumer Response, Servicemember Affairs, Older Americans, and Community Affairs.

Consumer Education and Engagement

Sheila Greenwood

Sheila Greenwood, Policy Associate Director

The policy associate director serves as a liaison to the Director’s Office and works with the associate director to lead the strategic direction for the division.

Gail Hillebrand photo

Gail Hillebrand, Associate Director

The associate director of CEE is supported by a central front office team and provides the overall direction for the Consumer Education and Engagement Division.

Division offices

Gene Koo

Consumer Engagement

Gene Koo, Assistant Director

The Office of Consumer Engagement provides tools and resources to help consumers make better choices about money to further their financial well-being, and invites public input to help the Bureau ensure a fair and transparent financial marketplace.

Janneke Ratcliffe

Financial Education

Janneke Ratcliffe, Assistant Director

The Office of Financial Education strengthens the delivery of financial education throughout the United States and creates opportunities for people to obtain the skills to build their financial well-being.

Vacant, Assistant Director

The Section for Students & Young Consumers works to empower students, young people, and their families to make more informed financial decisions about saving and paying for college, accessing safer and more affordable financial products, and repaying student loan debt. The Student Loan Ombudsman provides assistance to borrowers and potential borrowers to resolve questions or issues involving student loans.

Christopher Johnson

Consumer Response

Christopher Johnson, Assistant Director

The Office of Consumer Response answers questions, handles complaints, and analyzes and shares data to level the playing field and empower consumers to take more control over their financial lives.

Older Americans

Stacy Canan, Assistant Director

The Office for Older Americans works to improve financial protection for older people and supports sound financial decision making that safeguards their later-life economic security. 

Patrick Campbell

Servicemember Affairs

Patrick Campbell, Acting Assistant Director

The Office of Servicemember Affairs works to improve financial protection for and provide financial education to servicemembers, veterans, and their families.

Daniel Dodd-Ramirez

Community Affairs

Daniel Dodd-Ramirez, Assistant Director

The Office of Community Affairs promotes a more inclusive and fair financial marketplace, and empowers economically vulnerable consumers to make informed financial decisions by providing tools and information.