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CFPB structure

Learn more about the divisions and organizational structure of the CFPB.

Last updated January 22, 2024

Office of the Director

Zixta Martinez
Deputy Director

Zixta Martinez

(Position is required by the Dodd-Frank Act )

The Chief Operating Officer also reports to the Deputy Director.

Jan Singelmann
Chief of Staff

Jan Singelmann

Jocelyn Sutton
Deputy Chief of Staff

Jocelyn Sutton

Executive Secretary


Erie Meyer
Chief Technologist

Erie Meyer

Meredith Manna
Legislative Affairs

Kellie Larkin, Staff Director

Office of Policy Planning and Strategy

Brian Shearer, Assistant Director

Melissa Brand
Office of Civil Rights

Melissa Brand, Assistant Director

(Office and position are required under the Elijah E. Cummings Act and EEOC regulations )

Patrice Ficklin
Office of Fair Lending & Equal Opportunity

Patrice Ficklin, Assistant Director

(Position is required by the Dodd-Frank Act )

Office of Minority & Women Inclusion (OMWI)

Stacie Jones, Acting Assistant Director

(Position is required by the Dodd-Frank Act )


Divisions at the CFPB report directly to the Office of the Director, except for the Operations Division, which reports to the Deputy Director.

Operations is the operational support arm of the CFPB. The Chief Operating Officer reports to the Deputy Director.

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Martinez

Jean Chang
Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Jean Chang

Division offices: Operations

Martin Michalosky
Office of Administrative Operations

Martin Michalosky, Chief Administrative Officer

Tyshawn Thomas
Office of Human Capital

Tyshawn Thomas, Chief Human Capital Officer

Ren Essene
Office of the Chief Data Officer

Ren Essene, Chief Data Officer

Jafnar Gueye
Office of Finance and Procurement

Jafnar Gueye, Assistant Director

Chris Chilbert
Office of Technology and Innovation

Chris Chilbert, Chief Information Officer

Chris Johnson
Associate Director

Chris Johnson

Darian Dorsey
Deputy Associate Director

Darian Dorsey

Division offices: Consumer Response and Education

Office of Consumer Response

Vacant, Assistant Director

Office of Financial Education

Vacant, Assistant Director

Angela Hanks
Associate Director

Angela Hanks

LaShaun Warren
Deputy Associate Director

LaShaun Warren (Acting)

Division offices: External Affairs

Samuel Gilford
Office of Communications

Samuel Gilford, Assistant Director

Cheryl Parker Rose
Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Cheryl Parker Rose, Assistant Director

Tricia Kerney-Willis
Office of Private Sector Engagement

Tricia Kerney-Willis, Assistant Director

Brenda Muniz
Office of Public Engagement

Brenda Muniz, Assistant Director (Acting)

Seth Frotman
General Counsel

Seth Frotman

Sonya White
Office of General Law & Ethics

Sonya White, Deputy General Counsel

Rebecca Deutsch
Office of Law & Policy

Rebecca Deutsch, Deputy General Counsel

Steven Bressler
Office of Litigation

Steven Bressler, Deputy General Counsel

Office of Oversight

Jason Powell, Deputy General Counsel

David Uejio
Associate Director

David Uejio (Acting)

David Bleicken
Deputy Associate Director

David Bleicken

Division offices: Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending

Eric Halperin
Office of Enforcement

Eric Halperin, Assistant Director

Lorelei Salas
Office of Supervision Policy

Lorelei Salas, Assistant Director

Julie Margetta Morgan
Associate Director

Julie Margetta Morgan

Janis K. Pappalardo
Deputy Associate Director

Janis K. Pappalardo

Dan Sokolov
Deputy Associate Director

Dan Sokolov

Research, Monitoring & Regulations: Division Offices - Research, Regulations, Competition & Innovation

Jason Brown
Office of Research

Jason Brown, Assistant Director

Susan Bernard
Office of Regulations

Susan Bernard, Assistant Director

Ann Epstein
Office of Competition and Innovation

Ann Epstein, Assistant Director

Research, Monitoring & Regulations: Office of Markets

John McNamara
Consumer Credit, Payments and Deposits Markets

John McNamara, Principal Assistant Director

Mark McArdle
Mortgage Markets

Mark McArdle, Assistant Director

Grady Hedgespeth
Small Business Lending Markets

Grady Hedgespeth, Assistant Director

Research, Monitoring & Regulations: Office of Consumer Populations

Consumer Populations

Desmond Brown, Principal Assistant Director

Daniel Dodd-Ramirez
Community Affairs

Daniel Dodd-Ramirez, Assistant Director

James Rice
Service Members

James Rice, Assistant Director

Deborah Royster
Older Americans

Deborah Royster, Assistant Director

Students and Young Consumers

Vacant, Assistant Director

Julia Barnard
Private Education Loan Ombudsman

Julia Barnard

(Position is required by the Dodd-Frank Act )

Office of the Ombudsman

This office is not part of any CFPB division or the Office of the Director.

Wendy Kamenshine

Wendy Kamenshine

The CFPB Ombudsman’s Office provides an independent, impartial, and confidential resource to informally assist individuals, companies, consumer and trade groups, and others in resolving process issues with the CFPB.

(Position is required by the Dodd-Frank Act )