Bureau Structure

Last updated: Dec. 5, 2017

  • Divisions

    • Operations
      Sartaj Alag Chief Operating Officer
      • Administrative Operations
        Martin Michalosky Chief Administrative Officer
      • Consumer Response
        Christopher Johnson Assistant Director
      • Human Capital
        Jeffrey Sumberg Chief Human Capital Officer
      • Technology & Innovation
        Jerry Horton Chief Information Officer
      • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
        Elizabeth Reilly Chief Financial Officer
      • Procurement
        David Gragan Chief Procurement Officer
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    • Consumer Education & Engagement
      Gail Hillebrand Associate Director
      • Consumer Engagement
        Gene Koo Assistant Director
      • Financial Education
        Janneke Ratcliffe Assistant Director
      • Students & Young Consumers
        Seth Frotman Assistant Director
      • Older Americans
        Stacy Canan Assistant Director
      • Servicemember Affairs
        Paul Kantwill Assistant Director
      • Financial Empowerment
        Daniel Dodd-Ramirez Assistant Director
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    • Supervision, Enforcement & Fair Lending
      Christopher D’Angelo Associate Director
      • Supervision Examinations
        Paul Sanford Assistant Director
      • Supervision Policy
        Peggy Twohig Assistant Director
      • Enforcement
        Kristen Donoghue Assistant Director
      • Fair Lending & Equal Opportunity
        Patrice Ficklin Assistant Director
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    • Research, Markets & Regulations
      David Silberman Associate Director
      • Card, Payment & Deposit Markets
        William Wade-Gery Assistant Director
      • Consumer Lending, Reporting & Collection Markets
        John McNamara Assistant Director
      • Mortgage Markets
        Mark McArdle Assistant Director
      • Small Business Lending Markets
        Grady Hedgespeth Assistant Director
      • Regulations
        Kelly Cochran Assistant Director
      • Research
        Ron Borzekowski Assistant Director
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    • External Affairs
      Zixta Martinez Associate Director
      • Communications
        Jennifer Howard Assistant Director
      • Legislative Affairs
        Catherine Galicia Assistant Director
      • Intergovernmental Affairs
        Cheryl Parker Rose Assistant Director
      • Financial Institutions & Business Liason
        Daniel Smith Assistant Director
      • Community Affairs
        Keo Chea Assistant Director
      • Advisory Boards and Councils
        Delicia Hand Assistant Director
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    • Legal
      Mary McLeod General Counsel
      • Legal
        Richard Lepley Principal Deputy General Counsel
      • General Law & Ethics
        Sonya White Deputy General Counsel
      • Law & Policy
        Stephen Van Meter Deputy General Counsel
      • Litigation & Oversight
        John Coleman Deputy General Counsel
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  • Office of the Director

    • Deputy Director
      Leandra English
    • Chief of Staff
    • Office of Equal Opportunity & Fairness
      Stuart Ishimaru Assistant Director
      • Office of Civil Rights
        M. Stacey Bach Assistant Director **
      • Office of Minority & Women Inclusion (OMWI)
        Stuart Ishimaru Assistant Director
    • Administrative Law Judge ***
      Christine Kirby
    • Ombudsman ***
      Wendy Kamenshine
    • Chart Legend

      • * Position currently filled on an acting basis
      • ** Position has direct reporting responsibilities to the director
      • *** Position is not part of the CFPB director’s office