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We’ve got answers to your financial questions

In March 2012, we launched Ask CFPB, our database of clear, unbiased answers to your financial questions. At that time we had 360 answers. Last week, we added number 1,000.

While we’re excited about reaching 1,000, we’re really excited that more than 987,000 people have visited Ask CFPB to find answers to their financial questions.

One consumer let us know how Ask CFPB had helped in shopping for a mortgage:

“I am beginning the process of buying a home for the first time, and I have many basic questions about how mortgage lending works and what questions to ask as I shop around for the right lender. This site is so easy to use and I know I can trust the information. Thank you!”

Your feedback also helps us understand what’s missing. One concerned grandparent asked, “If I co-sign for my grandchild’s student loan, can the lender garnish my Social Security check if my grandchild can’t or won’t repay the loan?”

We had several questions about co-signing student loans, but we hadn’t answered this one yet. So we did.

We learn about what you need in many ways. We listen to the questions you ask at the events we hold throughout the country and the ones you pose through social media. We review the questions you submit to Ask CFPB. We also see what’s working for you by checking which answers are viewed the most and how they are rated.

Over the past year, many of you were interested in information about mortgages and credit reports and scores. Some of you are looking for a mortgage for the first time and want to know more about the Good Faith Estimate. Others want to know what information goes into a credit report and how to dispute an error.

All of your questions help us serve you better.

So, continue browsing, rating, and sharing Ask CFPB questions with your family and friends. One thousand answers is a pretty incredible milestone – one we’re proud of – but we want to know that the answers help you and your families find the information you’re looking for. We’ll keep working to ensure that they do!

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