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Take a tour of Money as You Grow! Our new resource to help parents and caregivers give children a strong financial start

We’re pleased the CFPB is the new home for Money as You Grow.

Money as You Grow graphic: a piggy bank and a wallet with coins and bills

As a parent or caregiver, you try to find the best way to prepare your children for their financial lives. Money can be a complicated topic, and knowing what’s best for your child based on age can be difficult. Even though schools, banks, and other institutions offer activities, websites, and apps, it’s not always easy to tell whether these are age-appropriate for your child or teenager.

To help parents and caregivers, we’re launching a newly redesigned web resource, Money as You Grow.

On Money as You Grow, you will find activities designed for each age group, from children as young as three years old to teenagers and young adults. What’s more, we’ve combined the Money as You Grow activities with our own research on how adults develop financial well-being, to show you why the activities can work. Once you’re equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to apply it to many everyday activities and games that you and your child or teenager may enjoy.

By exploring Money As You Grow, you’ll see how early childhood is the time to acquire skills like self-control and planning ahead, how middle childhood is about getting familiar with the financial world around us, and how teenagers and young adults can practice financial skills that drive their choices in adulthood.

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