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Information for those involved with Pension Funding, LLC and Pension Income, LLC

In August of 2015, together with the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), we sued two pension advance companies, Pension Funding, LLC and Pension Income, LLC. We alleged that those two companies tricked consumers into borrowing against their pensions, hid high interest loan rates and fees, and deceived consumers about other terms of the deal. Now we are working to make sure affected consumers, both those who borrowed against their pensions and those who invested with those two companies, know who to reach out to if they need further information.

The court appointed Krista Freitag of E3 Advisors at the request of the CFPB and NYDFS to take custody of the companies’ assets so that they are preserved for any relief the court may ultimately order.

Consumers who have entered into a contract as borrowers or investors with either of these companies should have received a letter from Krista Freitag of E3 Advisors. If you entered into a contract with either company and have not received a letter or need more information, contact:

Krista Freitag
E3 Advisors
355 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071
(619) 512-2598

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