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Has having more access to free credit scores made a difference? Let us know!

Until recently, accessing your credit scores was not easy—and sometimes seeing your scores meant paying a fee. Over the last few years, many financial institutions have started to offer free access to credit scores since it’s important information to help you manage your financial life.

Has your credit card company or a lender you use given you free access to your credit score? If so, we want to hear about your experience. 

How is increased access to free credit scores working for you? We recently published a Request for Information on the Federal Register’s website.

How to give us your feedback 

Follow these steps to respond to our public request online.

  1. Visit Request for Information regarding consumers’ experience with free access to credit scores .
  2. Share your experience in the comment box. You can write in your own words  information like what you did to access your free credit scores, how helpful you found getting your scores for free, whether you saw additional information that was interesting or useful, or what you did with the scores and information afterward. 
  3. Submit your feedback; you don’t need to provide contact information if you don’t want to. 

Industry members and people that work with consumers are also invited to respond

Members of the financial industry, nonprofits and other intermediaries that work with consumers are also invited to comment. Tell us what you’ve noticed about people’s experiences with access to free credit scores by commenting on the public request . We also encourage comments from any other interested party. 

This public request will be open until February 12.

Through this public request we want to identify what information is providing people with the most value about credit scores, and what information we and others can create to increase consumers’ understanding about credit scores and credit reports. We also want to gain a broader understanding of industry practices that best support educating and empowering consumers about credit reports and scores.

List of companies that provide free access to credit scores

We’re updating a list of credit card companies that have told us they offer consumers free access to a credit score. If your company provides a consumer financial product or service and offers people free access to one of their credit scores and would like to be included in the list, please respond to the public notice we issued on November 13 and that is open until January 12. 

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