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Fight zombies and time travel – this is not how your parents learned about money

Today we are proud to be partnering with the Sergeant Major of the Army, Daniel Dailey, to launch a new chapter of Misadventures in Money Management (MiMM).  Now all active-duty servicemembers can access a short, entertaining training about making financial decisions.  The training uses the style of “graphic novel meets choose your own adventure” and lets people practice making financial choices and see the outcome of those choices.

MiMM is a virtual learning experience that fills a critical gap in financial education topics for all servicemembers. The program covers topics including understanding:

  • the importance of building savings;
  • how to avoid impulse purchases;
  • how debt can affect a military career;
  • protections and benefits of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA); and
  • financial decision-making.

When we set out to create MiMM, we talked to lots of servicemembers and they told us three things:  (1) please no more boring slideshows, (2) don’t expect sleep-deprived troops in boot camp to remember anything right after they get back from field training, and (3) make it fun. That is why MiMM has you fighting zombies, traveling in time, and becoming a secret agent while learning key financial concepts. 

“MiMM… is a great program, a great tutorial and is… the right place to start.” – Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Ronald Green.

We encourage all future and current servicemembers to visit MiMM today, where you will get proven financial education that is entertaining, too. In true military fashion, our team publishes a leaderboard where you can see how each branch of service is doing compared to the others.  

We also challenge all Commanders, Senior NCOs, and financial counselors across all of the services to use MiMM in their units. One year from today, we will issue the CFPB’s challenge coin to the Senior Enlisted Advisor of the branch of service that records the largest percentage increase in MiMM course completion. 

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