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Dads: Help your children with money, just by being you!

Parents don’t have to be money experts to help their children build a strong financial future. Research shows that to teach your kids about money, you don’t have to be a money expert, and your finances don’t have to be in perfect order.

If you’re like most fathers, you want to raise your children to be financially strong. But it may not always be clear how to get started.  This Father’s Day, start from your strengths.

You already have the tools you need to teach kids about money

Your children can pick up important skills and habits when you focus on what you do well, and show them how you do it. When you spend time together, share your strengths, like planning and organizing, comparison shopping, or making tradeoffs.

Do you keep up with important information?

Show your children how you organize and keep track of important information, including what ordinary activities cost.

Do you make choices about money in your family, or for a community or church group?

Give your kids opportunities to watch as you make choices to save, spend, or share money.

Do you enjoy shopping or bartering?

Explain how to use coupons, compare prices, or ask for a discount. You might create a money saving game by giving a point for each item you buy from your shopping list, subtracting points for items not on your list, and giving extra points for saving money on items on your list. When they’re older, you might also want to let your child watch you barter at a street market or negotiate an auto loan.

Do you have a business idea?

Encourage your children to turn an interest or passion into a business. With young children, talk about the patience and persistence it takes to see a business grow. Teenagers could research and write out a business plan for the idea.

Keep in mind that kids develop different skills and habits at different ages. You can adjust the way you talk about money so that your children understand and absorb what you’re saying. Here are more tips for helping your kids build their money skills.

More ideas for you and your kids

You will find activities and conversation starters for children of all ages on our Money as You Grow page. Thank you to dads and moms everywhere.

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