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Comment for Appendix B to Part 1030 - Model Clauses and Sample Forms

Appendix B

1. Modifications. Institutions that modify the model clauses will be deemed in compliance as long as they do not delete required information or rearrange the format in a way that affects the substance or clarity of the disclosures.

2. Format. Institutions may use inserts to a document (see Sample Form B-4) or fill-in blanks (see Sample Forms B-5, B-6 and B-7, which use underlining to indicate terms that have been filled in) to show current rates, fees, or other terms.

3. Disclosures for opening accounts. The sample forms illustrate the information that must be provided to consumers when an account is opened, as required by § 1030.4(a)(1). (See § 1030.4(a)(2), which states the requirements for disclosing the annual percentage yield, the interest rate, and the maturity of a time account in responding to a consumer's request.)

4. Compliance with Regulation E. Institutions may satisfy certain requirements under Regulation DD with disclosures that meet the requirements of Regulation E. (See § 1030.3(c).) For disclosures covered by both this part and Regulation E (such as the amount of fees for ATM usage, institutions should consult appendix A to Regulation E for appropriate model clauses.

5. Duplicate disclosures. If a requirement such as a minimum balance applies to more than one account term (to obtain a bonus and determine the annual percentage yield, for example), institutions need not repeat the requirement for each term, as long as it is clear which terms the requirement applies to.

6. Sample forms. The sample forms (B-4 through B-8) serve a purpose different from the model clauses. They illustrate ways of adapting the model clauses to specific accounts. The clauses shown relate only to the specific transactions described.

B-1 Model Clauses for Account Disclosures

B-1(h) Disclosures Relating to Time Accounts

1. Maturity. The disclosure in Clause (h)(i) stating a specific date may be used in all cases. The statement describing a time period is appropriate only when providing disclosures in response to a consumer's request.

1. General. The second clause, describing a future decrease in the interest rate and annual percentage yield, applies to fixed-rate accounts only.

B-4 Sample Form (Multiple Accounts)

1. Rate sheet insert. In the rate sheet insert, the calculations of the annual percentage yield for the three-month and six-month certificates are based on 92 days and 181 days respectively. All calculations in the insert assume daily compounding.

B-6 Sample Form (Tiered-Rate Money Market Account)

1. General. Sample Form B-6 uses Tiering Method A (discussed in appendix A and Clause (a)(iv)) to calculate interest. It gives a narrative description of a tiered-rate account; institutions may use different formats (for example, a chart similar to the one in Sample Form B-4), as long as all required information for each tier is clearly presented. The form does not contain a separate disclosure of the minimum balance required to obtain the annual percentage yield; the tiered-rate disclosure provides that information.