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§ 1012.40 Processing of filings.

This version is the current regulation

(a) Statements of Record and accompanying filing fees will be received on behalf of the Director by the Office of Supervision Examinations, for determination of whether the criteria set forth in paragraphs (a)(1) through (3) of this section have been satisfied. Where it appears that all three criteria are satisfied and it is otherwise practicable, acceleration of the effectiveness of the Statement of Record will normally be granted.

(1) Completeness of the statement

(2) Adequacy of the filing fee, and

(3) Adequacy of disclosure.

(b) Filings intended as Statements of Record but which do not comply in form with §§ 1010.105 and 1010.120 of this chapter, whichever is applicable, and Statements of Record accompanied by inadequate filing fees will not be effective to accomplish any purpose under the Act. At the discretion of the Interstate Land Sales Registration Program, such filings and any moneys accompanying them may be immediately returned to the sender or after notification may be held pending the sender's appropriate response.

(c) Persons filing incomplete or inaccurate Statements of Record will be notified of the deficiencies therein by the Suspension Notice procedure described in § 1010.45(a) of this chapter.