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§ 1012.236 Notice of proceedings to withdraw a State's certification.

This version is the current regulation

A proceeding pursuant to § 1010.505 of this chapter is commenced by issuance and service of a notice which shall contain:

(a) An identification of the state certification to which the notice applies.

(b) A clear and concise statement of material facts, sufficient to inform the respondent with reasonable definiteness of the basis for the Director's determination, pursuant to § 1010.505, that the State's laws, regulations and the administration thereof, taken as a whole, no longer meet the requirements of subpart C of part 1010.

(c) A notice of hearing rights of the state under § 1012.237 and of the procedures for invoking those rights.

(d) A notice that failure to file an answer conforming to the requirements of § 1081.201(b) and (c) will result in an order suspending the State's certification.