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§ 1010.15 Regulatory exemption - multiple site subdivision - determination required.

This version is not the current regulation.
You are viewing a previous version of this regulation with amendments that went into effect on June 10, 2016.

(a) General.

(1) The sale of lots contained in multiple sites of fewer than 100 lots each, offered pursuant to a single common promotional plan, is exempt from the registration requirements.

(2) For purposes of this exemption, the sale of lots in an individual site that exceeds 99 lots is not exempt from registration. Likewise, the sale of lots in a site containing fewer than 100 lots, where the developer either owns contiguous land or holds an option or other evidence of intent to acquire contiguous land which, when taken cumulatively, would or could result in one site of 100 or more lots, is not exempt from registration. Furthermore, the sale of lots that are within a subdivision established by a separate developer is not exempt from registration by this provision.

(b) Eligibility requirements. The sale of each lot must meet the following requirements to be eligible for this exemption.

(1) The lot is sold “as is” with all advertised improvements and amenities completed and in the condition advertised.

(2) The lot is in conformance with all local codes and standards.

(3) The lot is accessible, both legally and physically. For lots which are advertised or otherwise represented as “residential,” either primary or secondary, with any inference that a permanent or temporary dwelling unit of any description (excluding collapsible tents) can be built or installed, physical access must be available by automobile, pick-up truck or equivalent “on-road” vehicle.

(4) At the time of closing, a title insurance binder or title opinion reflecting the condition of title must be issued to the purchaser showing that, subject only to exceptions approved in writing by the purchaser at the time of closing, marketable title is vested in the seller.

(5) Each contract or agreement and any promissory notes:

(i) Contain the non-waivable provision found in section II of the appendix to this part: Language Notifying Buyer of Option to Cancel Contract in bold face type (which must be distinguished from the type used for the rest of the document) on the face or signature page above all signatures. If the purchaser is entitled to a longer revocation period by operation of state or local law, that period becomes the Federal revocation period and the contract must reflect the requirement of the longer period rather than the seven days. The revocation provisions may not be limited or qualified in the contract or other document by requiring a specific type of notice or by requiring that notice be given at a specified place.

(ii) Obligate the developer to deliver, within 180 days, a warranty deed (or its equivalent under local law) for the lot which at the time of delivery is free from any monetary liens or encumbrances.

(6) The purchaser or purchaser's spouse makes a personal on-the-lot inspection of the lot to be purchased before signing a contract.

(7) The purchaser's payments are deposited in an escrow account independent of the developer until a deed is delivered.

(8) Prior to the purchaser signing a contract or agreement of sale, the developer discloses in a written Lot Information Statement all liens, reservations, taxes, assessments, easements and restrictions applicable to the lot purchased (see paragraph (b)(11) of this section).

(9) Prior to the purchaser signing a contract or agreement of sale, the developer discloses in a written Lot Information Statement the name, address and telephone number of the local governmental agency or agencies from which information on permits or other requirements for water, sewer and electrical installations can be obtained. This Statement will also contain the name, address and telephone number of the suppliers which would or could provide the foregoing services.

(10) The lot sale must comply with the anti-fraud provisions of 12 CFR 1010.4(b) and (c) and the sales practices and standards in §§ 1011.10 through 1011.28.

(11) A written Lot Information Statement must be delivered to, and acknowledged by, each purchaser prior to his or her signing a contract or agreement of sale, and must contain the information shown in the format below. The Statement must be typed or printed in at least 10 point font. A copy of the acknowledgement will be maintained by the developer for three years and will be made available to ILSRP upon request. If the Statement is not delivered as required, the contract or agreement of sale may be revoked and a full refund paid, at the option of the purchaser, within two years of the signing date and the contract or agreement of sale will clearly provide this right. A sample format for the Statement is provided in section III of the appendix to this part: Sample Lot Information Statement and Sample Receipt.

(c) Request for Multiple Site Subdivision Exemption.

(1) The developer must file a request for the Multiple Site Subdivision Exemption. The request must be accompanied by a filing fee of $500 (prepared in accordance with § 1010.35(a)) and a sample Lot Information Statement, substantially in the form set forth in section IV of the appendix to this part: Request for Multiple Site Subdivision Exemption.

(2) This exemption will become effective upon issuance of an Exemption Order by the Director.

(d) Annual Report.

(1) By January 31 of each year the developer will send a report to the Director listing each site and its location available for a sale pursuant to the exemption during the preceding year and indicate the number of lot sales made in each site. The report will describe any changes in the information provided in the Request for the Multiple Site Subdivision Exemption or contain a statement that there are no changes.

(2) The Annual Report must be accompanied by a filing fee of $100.

(3) The Annual Report must be signed and dated by the developer, attesting to its completeness and accuracy.

(4) Failure to submit the Annual Report within ten days after the receipt of notice from the Director will automatically terminate eligibility for the exemption as of the Report due date.

(e) Termination. If, subsequent to the issuance of an Exemption Order, the Director has reasonable grounds to believe that exemption from the registration requirements in the particular case is not in the public interest, the Director may, after issuing a notice and giving the respondent an opportunity to request a hearing within fifteen days of receipt of the notice, terminate the exemption order. The basis for issuing a notice may be apparent omissions or misrepresentations in the documents submitted to the Director, the conduct of the developer or agent, such as unlawful conduct or insolvency, or adverse information about the real estate that should be disclosed to purchasers. Proceedings will be governed by § 1012.238.