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§ 1010.118 Receipt, agent certification, and cancellation page.

This version is not the current regulation.
You are viewing a previous version of this regulation with amendments that went into effect on June 10, 2016.

(a) Format. The receipt, agent certification and cancellation page shall be prepared in accordance with the sample found in section XXVII of the appendix to this part: Sample Receipt, Agent Certification and Cancellation Page.

(b) The original and one copy of this executed page shall be attached to the Property Report delivered to prospective purchasers. After the purchaser has signed the receipt and the salesman has signed the certification, the copies can be retained by the developer for a period of three years from the date of execution or the term of the contract, whichever is the longer. Upon demand by the Director, the developer shall, without delay, make the copies of these receipts and certifications available for inspection by the Director or the developer shall forward to the Director any of the receipts and certifications, or copies thereof, as the Director may specify.

(c) If the transaction takes place through the mails, the cost figures shall be entered and the person most active in dealing with the prospective purchaser shall sign the certification prior to mailing the Property Report to the purchaser. Otherwise, the certification shall be executed in the presence of the purchaser.

(d) The date of Report appearing on the receipt shall be the same as that appearing on the cover sheet of the Property Report.

(e) Notification of cancellation by mail shall be considered given at the time post-marked.