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Appendix A: Comment for 1004.1 Authority, Purpose, and Scope

This version is the current regulation

1(c) Scope.

1. Application received before July 22, 2011. This part does not apply to a transaction if the creditor received the application for that transaction before July 22, 2011, even if the transaction was consummated or completed on or after July 22, 2011. Whether 12 U.S.C. 3803(c) preempts State law with respect to such a transaction depends on whether: (1) The transaction was an alternative mortgage transaction as defined by the version of 12 U.S.C. 3802(1) in effect at the time of application; and (2) the State housing creditor complied with applicable federal regulations issued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the National Credit Union Administration, the Office of Thrift Supervision, or the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in effect at the time of application.

2. Subsequent modifications and other actions. If applicable regulations under 12 U.S.C. 3803(c) (including this Part) preempted State law with respect to an alternative mortgage transaction at the time the application was received, the following actions with respect to that transaction are entitled to the same degree of preemption under such regulations:

i. The subsequent consummation, completion, purchase, or enforcement of the transaction by a housing creditor.

ii. The subsequent modification, renewal, or extension of the transaction. However, if such a transaction is satisfied and replaced by another transaction, the second transaction must independently meet the requirements for preemption in effect at the time the application for the second transaction was received.