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§ 1003.6 Enforcement.

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(a) Administrative enforcement. A violation of the Act or this part is subject to administrative sanctions as provided in section 305 of the Act, including the imposition of civil money penalties, where applicable. Compliance is enforced by the agencies listed in section 305 of the Act (12 U.S.C. 2804).

(b) Bona fide errors.

1. Bona fide error - information from third parties. An institution that obtains the property-location information for applications and loans from third parties (such as appraisers or vendors of “geocoding” services) is responsible for ensuring that the information reported on its HMDA/LAR is correct.

See interpretation of 6(b) Bona Fide Errors in Supplement I

(1) An error in compiling or recording loan data is not a violation of the act or this part if the error was unintentional and occurred despite the maintenance of procedures reasonably adapted to avoid such errors.

(2) An incorrect entry for a census tract number is deemed a bona fide error, and is not a violation of the act or this part, provided that the institution maintains procedures reasonably adapted to avoid such errors.

(3) If an institution makes a good-faith effort to record all data concerning covered transactions fully and accurately within thirty calendar days after the end of each calendar quarter, and some data are nevertheless inaccurate or incomplete, the error or omission is not a violation of the act or this part provided that the institution corrects or completes the information prior to submitting the loan/application register to its regulatory agency.