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Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (Bureau or CFPB) is publishing for notice and comment proposed amendments to 12 CFR part 1070, subpart D, its rules relating to the confidential treatment of information obtained from persons in connection with its exercise of authorities under Federal consumer financial law. The proposed amendments will add a new section to these rules providing that the submission by any person of any information to the Bureau in the course of the Bureau's supervisory or regulatory processes will not waive or otherwise affect any privilege such person may claim with respect to such information under Federal or State law as to any other person or entity. In addition, the Bureau is proposing to readopt 12 CFR 1070.47(c) in modified form to provide that the Bureau's provision of privileged information to another Federal or State agency does not waive any applicable privilege, whether the privilege belongs to the Bureau or any other person.

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Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information

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