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Home Mortgage Disclosure Act tech sprint

On March 22-26, 2021, the CFPB will host its Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Virtual Tech Sprint.


The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data provide the most comprehensive publicly available information on nationwide mortgage market activity. HMDA data are used by industry, consumer groups, regulators and others to assist in identifying possible discriminatory lending patterns in mortgage lending, to help the public assess how financial institutions are serving the housing needs of their local communities, and for other purposes.

The CFPB on behalf of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), has embarked on a multiyear effort to develop an open and transparent code base for the collection and publication of HMDA data (HMDA Platform). Opportunities to expand the utility of HMDA data, consumer and industry facing tools, and increasing utilization of existing or new APIs, are all possible in these exciting tech sprints.

The HMDA Platform satisfies the regulatory requirements for submission, processing, and publication of nationwide mortgage data on millions of transactions by thousands of financial institutions with an entirely web-based, open source system , using a container-based microservices approach and modern cloud architectures. It was designed to be continuously improved to incorporate evolving technologies and further decrease reporting burden, increase data accuracy, and better serve HMDA data users.

What to Expect

Participants in the HMDA Tech Sprints may help develop new tools accessible on the HMDA Platform to address compliance challenges and improve filing. In addition, participants may work to further develop the HMDA Platform’s Application Programming Interfaces and system specifications to allow more complete integration of compliance software with the HMDA Platform to help increase efficiency and lower cost.

Interested in participating?

If you are considering participating in this Tech Sprint, sign up to learn more. Interested parties will have the opportunity to commit to participate at a later stage, but registering your interest now will help us engage with you and other relevant stakeholders in the design and implementation of this Tech Sprint.