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File a privacy complaint

We take your privacy seriously, and have created a process by which you can formally file a complaint with our Chief Privacy Officer.

Privacy complaints we can help with

We accept written complaints about:

  • How the CFPB collects or uses personal information;
  • How, when, and with whom the CFPB shares personal information;
  • The type(s) and/or amount of personal information the CFPB collects; and
  • Any other concern(s) you may have about how the CFPB handles personal information and/or its impact(s) on personal privacy.

Complaints about the privacy of a business entity, a corporation, or any entity other than a person are not covered by our privacy complaint procedures.

Please keep in mind that Privacy Act requests for access, amendment, or correction are not privacy complaints – filing a complaint does not negate or replace your right to seek judicial relief under the Privacy Act or other federal laws for violations of individual privacy rights.

Submit a privacy complaint

To submit a complaint, you can write a letter that includes:

  • Your name
  • A summary of your complaint or a written description of the specific circumstances
  • A summary of other steps taken, if any, by you or the CFPB to resolve this complaint
  • A preferred method of contact about your complaint – a mailing address, telephone number, email address or fax number

Send us the letter by email, fax or mail



(855) 329-3642


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Attention: Chief Privacy Officer
Re: Privacy Complaint
1700 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20552

Evaluation procedure

  • We will send you an acknowledgement letter within 5 business days of our receipt of your complaint.
  • We will review and categorize the complaint as: Process and procedural, redress, operational or referral (we will refer it to the right office or federal agency if we’re not the right ones to address the issue).
  • The Chief Privacy Officer will recommend any necessary actions in response to the complaint. We’ll let you know once your complaint is closed and, in general, include what, if any, action we’re taking in response to the complaint.
  • Our goal is to review and close complaints within 20 business days. For complaints that we’ll need more than the normal time to close, we’ll contact you to give a status update.