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Civil Penalty Fund allocation schedule

The Civil Penalty Fund Administrator makes allocations from the Civil Penalty Fund every six months.  

The Consumer Financial Civil Penalty Fund Rule (Section 1075.105(b)(1)) requires the Civil Penalty Fund Administrator to establish and publish a schedule for allocating funds in the Civil Penalty Fund. This schedule must establish six-month periods. The six-month periods help to determine what funds are available for allocation and the classes of victims to which the Fund Administrator may allocate funds. In addition, the schedule governs when the Fund Administrator will make allocations from the Fund. In particular, within 60 days after the end of each six-month period, the Fund Administrator will allocate funds for payments to particular classes of victims and/or for consumer education and financial literacy programs.

Schedule for allocations

Period start Period end Allocation date
October 1 March 31 May 30
April 1 September 30 November 29