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Small business lending data updates

This page includes all updates related to data products for Small Business Lending data, including the Filing Instructions Guide and other resources for filers.


This section will contain updates to the Small Business Lending Data Products and Tools.

December 13, 2023

Product: Filing Instructions Guide

  • Validation IDs have been updated to account for the Demographic Information of Principal Owners 1-4. The corresponding Validation IDs have been renumbered and grouped based on Data Field.
  • For example, the previous validation ID E0900, po_X_ethnicity.invalid_enum_value has been broken out into:
    • E0900: po_1_ethnicity.invalid_enum_value
    • E1080: po_2_ethnicity.invalid_enum_value
    • E1260: po_3_ethnicity.invalid_enum_value
    • E1440: po_4_ethnicity.invalid_enum_value
  • Pseudocode for the multi-field validations that reference the number of Principal Owners 1-4 has also been updated.
  • All Validation updates can be reviewed via the Validation Spec for sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, and 4.5

August 17, 2023

Product: Filing Instructions Guide

  • Validation IDs have been updated from name codes to alphanumeric codes. For example, the previous validation ID: uid.invalid_text_length is now E0002 and uid.invalid_text_length is now listed as the validation name.
  • Changed the Race/Ethnicity Enumeration for Demographic information of principal owner 1: Ethnicity field 46 and Race field 48 for consistency with HMDA enumeration order.
  • Changed all Interest Rate fields, columns, and validation names that mention “Variable Rate” changed to “Adjustable Rate” for consistency with the regulation.