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Supervisory Highlights: Fall 2012

At the Bureau, we supervise certain financial institutions and service providers to determine their compliance with applicable Federal consumer financial laws and to help ensure that markets for financial products and services work in a fair and transparent way for consumers. As part of that role, we periodically issue Supervisory Highlights, through which we apprise the public and the financial services industry about our examination program, including the concerns that we find during the course of our completed work, and the remedies that we obtain for consumers who have suffered financial or other harm. This document does not refer to any specific institution, but signals to all institutions the kinds of activities that should be carefully scrutinized for compliance with the law. We believe that Supervisory Highlights will help providers of financial products and services better understand our supervisory expectations so that they can take action to comply with Federal consumer financial laws and serve their customers in a fair and transparent way.

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