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Gather books and order materials

Money as You Grow Bookshelf starts with children's books you may already have on the shelf, and then adds parent reading guides and supporting materials you can order for free.

Children's books

Most librarians tell us they already have many, if not all, of the books for Money as You Grow Bookshelf on their shelves. Even if you don't have all of them, you can still be successful with the books you have. 

The inclusion of books in Money as You Grow Bookshelf shouldn’t be considered an endorsement or recommendation. The University of Wisconsin-Extension Family Living Programs and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Financial Security chose these books based on the financial concepts they include and their age levels.

Check the list of books

Parent guides

The parent guides for each book in the program are clear and written in plain language, and include:

  • A summary of the story
  • Key ideas that direct parents to the money  concepts and learning objectives for each book
  • Suggestions for things parents can think about as they read the stories to their children
  • Tips for parents about how to read to their children
  • Ideas for things to talk about as they read the story with their children
  • Activities that help families practice what they learned

Parents will take the guides home and keep them, so estimate how many you’ll need based on the patrons you serve.

Order parent guides for the books you have

Additional materials

Help parents and caregivers find the Money as You Grow Bookshelf materials they want, with eye-catching materials for you to display around your library.

  • Kiosk, to hold the parent guides and/or children’s books (watch the kiosk assembly instructional video)
  • Large poster, for display where parents and caregivers will see it
  • Bookmarks, to hand out at checkout and information desks
  • Stickers, to place on the children’s books to make sure they are returned to the display

Please allow four to six weeks for shipping.

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