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Screening Reports, Inc.

Provides background screening services to rental property managers and building owners in the multifamily housing industry.

Screening Reports, Inc. is a division of BetterNOI.

Contact this company to request your report

  • The company will provide a free report if you request it and if you have submitted a rental application that was processed by Screening Reports, Inc.
  • Requesting copies of your own consumer reports does not hurt your credit scores
  • For companies required to provide the information in your report for free annually upon request, they must do so within fifteen days of receiving your request.

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Screening Reports, Inc.

2900 Monarch Lakes Blvd, Suite 201

Miramar, FL 33027

How to use this report

Here's what may be included in this report:

  • Previous rental verification and employment verification
  • Consumer credit reports
  • Landlord tenant eviction reports
  • Criminal reports
  • Sex offender reports
  • Foreign asset compliance (OFAC search)

If you are applying as a tenant for a residential property, ask the management company for the name(s) of consumer reporting company it will be using to screen you. 

Contact the screener(s) to fact-check your information and dispute it as needed. If a landlord refuses to rent to you or charges you more because of something in a background check, be sure to know your rights .

How to dispute the information in your report

If you find information in your consumer report that you believe is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the legal right to dispute the report’s content with the consumer reporting company and the company that shared the information to the reporting company, such as your lender. Under the FCRA, companies must conduct – free of charge – a reasonable investigation of your dispute. The company that has provided the incorrect information must correct the error, and notify all of the consumer reporting companies to whom it provided the inaccurate information.

How to dispute an error on your credit report