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Equifax is one of the three nationwide providers of consumer reports.

Contact this company to request your report

  • This company will provide one free credit report every 12 months if you request it. As a result of a 2019 settlement, all U.S. consumers may also request up to six additional free copies of their Equifax credit report via the Equifax website during any twelve-month period. These free copies will be provided to you in addition to any free reports to which you are entitled under federal law.
  • This company offers you the option to freeze your report with them if you request it. 
  • Requesting copies of your own consumer reports does not hurt your credit scores
  • For companies required to provide the information in your report for free annually upon request, they must do so within fifteen days of receiving your request.
  • This company will provide free credit monitoring services to active duty servicemembers and to National Guard members, by visiting their active military web page .

Website Phone number Mailing address (request your report) (direct company contact) (freeze your report)

(877) 322-8228 (request your report)

(888) 378-4329 (direct company contact) (For reports in Spanish, choose Option 8 when calling or visit )

(888) 378-4329(freeze your report)

Central Source, LLC
P.O. Box 105283
Atlanta, GA 30348-5283

How to use this report

Here's what's included in this report:

  • Personal information, such as your name, date of birth, name(s) of loan co-applicants, as well as current and past residential addresses, phone numbers, and employment history if your creditors report it.
  • Information about your payment history as submitted by credit card companies, home and auto lenders (and leasing companies), and other creditors.
  • How much credit you have and use.
  • Information from debt collectors including unpaid medical debt that is greater than 365 days delinquent from date of service and over $500, and past-due debt from cable and phone bills.
  • Some public information like bankruptcies.
  • Inquiries from creditors who have requested your credit reports when you apply for credit.

Free report:

Continuing a policy that began during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can now request your credit reports for free weekly from each of these companies.

How to dispute the information in your report

If you find information in your consumer report that you believe is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the legal right to dispute the report’s content with the consumer reporting company and the company that shared the information to the reporting company, such as your lender. Under the FCRA, companies must conduct – free of charge – a reasonable investigation of your dispute. The company that has provided the incorrect information must correct the error, and notify all of the consumer reporting companies to whom it provided the inaccurate information.

How to dispute an error on your credit report