The complaint process

When you submit a complaint to the CFPB, we forward your complaint to the company and work to get a response about your issue.

1. Complaint submitted

You submit a complaint about an issue you have with a company about a consumer financial product or service. You will receive email updates and can log in to track the status of your complaint.

2. Review and route

We'll forward your complaint and any documents you provide to the company and work to get a response from them. If we find that another government agency would be better able to assist, we will forward your complaint to them and let you know.

3. Company response

The company reviews your complaint, communicates with you as needed, and reports back about the steps taken or that will be taken on the issue you identify in your complaint.

4. Complaint published

We publish information about your complaint—such as the subject and date of the complaint—on our public Consumer Complaint Database. With your consent we also publish your description of what happened, after taking steps to remove personal information.

5. Consumer review

We will let you know when the company responds. You’ll be able to review the company’s response and will have 60 days to give us feedback about the response.

6. Analyze and report

Complaints help with our work to supervise companies, enforce federal consumer financial laws, and write better rules and regulations. We also report to Congress about the complaints we receive and post some consumer complaint data.